4x4 Parts Store - Account Holder Terms and Conditions

Author: Daniel Kozaris  

KPD Industries P/L trading as 4x4 Parts Store, Diesel Power Australia or Carbon Winches Australia at their discretion will offer credit terms to trade customers. All invoices issued to the customer clearly outline the terms of trade for that particular sale. 

All goods remain the property of KPD Industries until paid for in full by the customer.

By agreeing to purchase from KPD Industries you also agree to the terms and conditions of the credit terms we offer on each invoice. In the event that payment is not fulfilled within the trading terms you will be notified three times by our automated accounting system of your non payment over the period of 30 days. Failure to make payment before the final notification on your non payment will result in the following actions:

  • We will contact you directly for payment immediately. We may negotiate a further time period to allow you to make payment. 
  • If you cannot make payment you are required at your cost to return the goods to us. 
  • If the goods are returned in a used condition, a discretionary restocking fee will apply based on the condition and resellability of the item. This restocking fee will be invoiced to you for payment. 
  • Failure to pay for the goods within the invoiced terms, not returning the goods and or any other actions that result in non payment will result in KPD Industries P/L to refer the debt to a collection agency. 
  • If your debt is referred to a collection agency, an administration fee of $220 will also be applied to your debt to recover time lost in the debt collection process and referral to a collection agency. 

KPD Industries in goodwill will offer credit terms of 7 days or more to be able to service our customers quickly and efficiently, allowing you to go about your daily business without hassle and incident. We ask all of our customers on credit terms to pay us the simple courtesy of paying on time. We are a small business and cannot afford massive debt by covering non payment. We appreciate good business practice and will do our best to remediate any non payment situation. However we will do what we can to recover debt owing to us.