Dobinsons Winches

The complete range of THE 2ND GENERATION ELECTRIC WINCHES has arrived!


So whats new with the 2nd Generation?


  1. All motors are now equipped with a breather hose and filter for added motor protection against water ingress for added peace of mind.
  2. Improved series wound motor design increases both power and efficiency.
  3. Redesigned wireless controller now provides a wireless range of 30m and dual led lights for ease of operation.
  4. Improved single heavy duty fully sealed solenoid for extreme durability housed in a new strengthened control box.
  5. All Dobinsons winches now feature 3 stage hardened planetary gears for the ultimate in reliability.
  6. All winches are available with either steel cable or synthetic Dyneema rope and feature a new heavy duty snap hook.
  7. Redesigned flip clutch handle helps prevent gear bind and reduces the overall height.
  8. New strengthened single piece gearbox casing is smaller, much stronger and features 304 grade stainless cross rods.

 So whether you require the flexibility of synthetic rope winches or prefer the traditional steel cable winches, Dobinsons has it.

Match your New 2nd Generation Winch with our winch accessories and you’ll be ready for action!

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