Setting the Record Straight on warranties for Diesel Power Modules

Author: Dan Kozaris   Date Posted:4 March 2014 

The latest hype on Diesel Power performance module and chip suppliers is to offer all of these you beaut warranties with the sale of their modules. They use terms like "new engine warranty" and "driveline warranty" and "money back guarantees". Simply put this is all marketing hype, as all of these should be covered under the business insurance plan of that particular seller under simple product insurance. 

Here at KPD4x4 all we give is solid sound factual advice. We won't attempt to confuse or mislead you, just offer the information you need to be confident that the product you are purchasing is of excellent quality and fit for purpose. Our German engineered and manufactured modules come from a 20 year heritage of research and developement, SPECIFIC to aftermarket diesel tuning! Diesel Power is the world leader in Plug in Performance modules for diesel and petrol turbo motors for all manufacturers. 

Not once in the history of Diesel Power has there been an engine failure or damage attributed directly to the use of one of our modules. That's 20 years of reliable service in thousands of vehicles around the world. KPD4x4 offer the best service in the aftermarket 4x4 industry and if there was ever a problem which may be deemed to be the fault of the fitment of one of our Diesel Power Modules, you know that we will be here to help you through a potential claim. Our insurance and the insurance of the manufacturer are more than well equipped to deal with the highly unlikely potential insurance claim that may occur.

So cutting the crap out, we're here for you. We are ultimately confident that our modules are the best plug in module in the world, proven from the depths of winter in northern Europe to the harsh heat, dust and vibrations of the Dakar Rally, you will not find a better value premium module anywhere in the world. Our insuance coverage provides us with all the protection we need to be confident that you, our customers will be looked after in the event of a potential insurance claim. We give you 30 days to make up your mind if you are happy with the product, and if you are not there is a no questions asked refund, simple! We cover our modules for 3 years of use for manufacturer defects and function, if it fails, we will replace it. Can't get any clearer than that. 

Give Diesel Power a go. Save yourself $500+ from other chip manufacturers and experience the benefits of power and economy in a neat premium German Engineered Diesel Power Module. We also offer Diesel Power Module and exhuast packages. Call us for the best price 1300 780 141 

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