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EFS 4wd Suspension, You budget 4wd part 2. Get your EFS suspension from KPD4x4, suppy and fit in Melbourne or delivery Aus wide.

Published: Wednesday, 03 August 2016 22:59

Welcome back for the 2nd part of Your Budget 4wd - Can it be done with $5000?


Owning a 4wd as your daily driver is sometimes tough, as you are conscious of not damaging it going off-road. Plus not being able to do too many modifications as you may commute to work with it, so you need it to be reliable and comfortable. Imagine if you had around $5000 dollars to spend on a second hand 4wd and a budget of $5000 dollars to buy a few accessories and make your 4wd an awesome weekend off-road Beast.

What 4wd would you buy and what accessories would be necessary for your 4wd dreams?

I've handpicked some 4wd's from around Australia to give you an idea what you can buy and what modifications can be done on a tight budget. All 4wds have many pros and cons that you will have to weigh up and decide if it's going to suit your needs and budget. After trawling through many pages of Gumtree and dreaming of many different scenarios I have finally worked the list down to two final contenders.

My second choice for the off road beast category would be a 45 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.



This is another Iconic 4wd with heaps of aftermarket accessories and parts available for them. Whilst I would not normally choose an old 45 series Land Cruiser due to the leaf suspension and its age, this beast caught my attention as it has a 350 chev V8 in it!!!!!! This compromise will definitely be understandable because of the smile on my face every time I give it a bit of right foot!!!

Whilst this vehicle is a bit more than the budgeted 5000 dollars, I think we'll save a few pennies on the accessories.

This particular beast has a few extras to get you ahead of your spend, with big tyres, a great power plant and an exhaust system (these three items have helped it straight away).

I would firstly renew the complete suspension with an EFS Elite 50mm lift kit with anti-inversion shackles and EFS Elite long travel shocks. I'll have to work out the weight of the 350 chev and make sure I accommodate for this in the front spring rate. Now this will definitely bring the beast out of the 45 series. Then I would cut a bit off the tray to so it doesn't get hung up as well.

I would put the remainder of my budget into updating all of the fluids, belts etc to keep it reliable.

Overall, between the 1990 Nissan Patrol Wagon Manual and the 45 Series Toyota Land Cruiser, they both have many different attributes that make them great off road beasts.

There is no denying that the Nissan Patrols live axle, coil sprung suspension (that was so advanced for its time) enables easy traversing of any off road situation. Paired with the Nissan LSD rear diff and comfortable seats and interior, it's a great choice.

But an iconic Land Cruiser with a 350 chev just pips over the line with plenty of 4wd off road beast inside of it. I understand you may be a bit limited in cabin space in the single cab but you make up for it with a massive tray that you can put all your camping gear into. And with an old 45, you're not too worried about the paint job or getting it scratched or even bumping into a few things as this vehicle is purely for off-roading.

I hope after you have read this that it has inspired you to consider a second "fun car" on a budget and get out there and do a bit of 4wding. Cheers!!!

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