Diesel Power Modules For the new Hilux, Prado and Fortuna

Author: Rob Burton   Date Posted:6 April 2016 

Diesel Power Module or Chip - Improve the performance of your 2.8 Turbo Diesel Toyota Hilux Revo N80

Commonly referred to in the market place as a "chip" Diesel Power Modules Australia offer a unique two channel 64mhz processor fuel and boost control module engineered and fully manufactured at the Diesel Power Headquarters in Isny, Germany. 

The high quality standard of ISO9001 manufacturing processes allows consistently high quality product and TUV certification "certifies" that the vehicles comply with current Euro emissions standards are are accurate with regards to advertised HP and Torque improvements. 

One of the best upgrades at the moment is the 2016+ N80 Revo 2.8 Hilux. This vehicle was dynoed with our module and produced a whopping 196hp at the wheels, up from 142hp in stock form. The drive ability and toque availability across the rev range is beautifully delivered. The Diesel Power module or chip as some people call them integrates seamlessly with the vehicle and is a plug and play fully removable solution. 

The Diesel Power upgrade sells for $989 including shipping Aus wide. 


If you have the Toyota Fortuna or the Toyota Prado 2.8 this module also offers the same fantastic benefits as in the hilux. 


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