Author: Daniel Kozaris   Date Posted:7 July 2016 

Owning a 4wd as your daily driver is sometimes tough, as you are conscious of not damaging it going off-road. Plus not being able to do too many modifications as you may commute to work with it, so you need it to be reliable and comfortable. Imagine if you had around $5000 dollars to spend on a second hand 4wd and a budget of $5000 dollars to buy a few accessories and make your 4wd an awesome weekend off-road Beast.

What 4wd would you buy and what accessories would be necessary for your 4wd dreams?

I've handpicked some 4wd's from around Australia to give you an idea what you can buy and what modifications can be done on a tight budget. All 4wds have many pros and cons that you will have to weigh up and decide if it's going to suit your needs and budget. After trawling through many pages of Gumtree and dreaming of many different scenarios I have finally worked the list down to two final contenders.

My First choice for the off road beast category would be a 1990 Nissan Patrol Wagon Manual.

This is one of those Iconic 4wds that has a plethora of aftermarket accessories and parts available for them.
When it comes to off-road on a budget you can't go past the Nissan GQ Patrol LWB as it has a fantastic coil sprung suspension that can flex for days and a super tough diff that withstands most 4wding duties. Also did I mention live axle!

Now the compromise for this particular vehicle is that it's not the 4.2ltr diesel with a snail hanging off it. But I'm ok with that as it's not for touring and has under the bonnet a very thirsty straight 6 TB42. But as a dedicated off road beast I'm not too concerned as the distances on road will be minimal compared to off-road. And the power the TB42 makes is enough to have a fun time off-roading. Now with the luxury of a LWB and oodles of room for you and a friend, you can quite easily fit all your weekend camping gear in the back as well.

The GQ Patrol has every imaginable accessory ready to bolt on from many different companies and with $5000 to spend on accessories for off-road duties, the first and foremost would be to upgrade the current suspension with an EFS Extreme 5-inch lift kit.

This kit includes EFS Xtreme 45mm big bore shocks, 5-inch coils, adjustable panhard rods, draglinks, extended brake lines, castor correction etc. This will make it more fun off road and looks pretty cool as well.

This particular vehicle has got a few extras to begin with (exhaust system, big tyres, snorkel, long range tank and recaro seats) so I feel I'm ahead by a long shot.

With all these extras already included, I would tip some money into making it reliable. With the additional $1500 dollars i would renew all oils, fluids, filters, belts, radiator hoses, battery, brake pads and discs, as this will generally make my off-road experience more enjoyable.

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