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Need to Carry that extra load? Or just want to have the ability to adjust your ride dependent on load and vehicle requirements.

An air bag system is a great versatile solution for any 4WD, passenger car or truck. With a air system or bellows kit you can adjust the ride height or adjust your vehicle to take that extra load. 

All Boss airbags are manufactured in the USA and are branded Boss. Beware of unbranded airbags, usually coming from China from other companies. Average dual cab ute will run around 15-45psi depending on load. Boss has sold over 13000 load assist kits in Australia, proven over time with 4WD enthusiasts, Mining companies, Tradies, 4WD Tour Operators as well as in Agricultural Vehicles, Trailers and motorhomes, limited only to your imagination. To get the best performance from your kit inflate airbags just enough to achieve a level ride height. By doing this you are also allowing all of the suspension components to share the extra load of the vehicle and not putting any unecessary pressure on any one individual part of your vehicles suspension.

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