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KPD Industries Pty Ltd (Trading as KPD4x4) begun in 2010. We offer you the customer the best customer service in the Australian Aftermarket 4wd Industry, we guarantee this. Now in 2020 we have changed our name to 4x4 Parts Store to help our customers to easily find us and to provide better service for you.

After years of working in the industry it was evident that what customers wanted was not being fulfilled to the greatest extent by those already in the market. 4x4 Parts Store offer premium quality products at low prices for a number of vehicles. Our ability to source products from a wide range of suppliers means we will offer you a product which fits your needs exactly.

Dan Kozaris the owner comes from an education background and moved into the 4wd industry as a marketing manager before he realised the potential to meet customers needs to a higher level was not something he could fulfill working for someone else. Dan is a passionate and avid 4wder currently owning many 4wds, a weekend hardcore Suzuki Sierra, a part owner of a race Jeep Cherokee XJ, a MItusbishi Triton and a Volkswagen Amarok

Our drive and motivation has also allowed us to welcome Diesel Power Germany into the Australian market as Australian Distributor. Diesel Power offer premium tuning performance upgrades for common rail and direct injection diesel vehicles as well as turbo charged petrol engines. With over 600 applications and a very realistic retail price compared to other competitive brands we are looking forward to growing the Diesel Power brand here in Australia in the coming years.

Thank you for your interest in 4x4 Parts Store. We hope that we can fulfill your recreational, competitive and work related 4wd requirements. If there is something you need which we do not advertise, feel free to contact us directly.Thanyou


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Date Posted: 5 June 2018

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