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Airflow Snorkel features
Designer styled with no visible bolts or brackets.
3.5 inch cold air induction allows 3.8 times more airflow when compared to competitors 3 inch ram which only allows 1.8 times more air flow than standard.
Thermo plastic rubber TPR flexible hose rated to 135 degrees celcius.
Minimal join points from snorkel to air-cleaner for minimum resistance.
Utilising existing air-cleaners and under bonnet access points where possible.
New access points to air-cleaners are used where existing connection do not allow sufficient air-flow.
Stainless steel clamps and ‘A’ pillar brackets.
Polyethylene rotor moulding for every Airflow Snorkel.
Virgin polyethylene powder 9800 to tests ASTM D1238/D1505/D790/D638/D2440/D1525.
One piece polyethylene moulded air ram including grill.
One piece aero foil grill on the cold air induction air ram for greater lamina air flow.
CAD ( Computer Aided Design ) templates detailing layout, check measurements, fitting instructions and kit lists.
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